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My name is Aleksandra Slijepcevic. I'm an international yoga and meditation teacher, writer, and wanderer.


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Giving Back

In the face of climate change, perpetuated by avid transportation, traveling can sometimes feel like hypocrisy. Here we are, in giant gas-guzzling planes, traveling all over the world, while that same world is drowning in our overuse of chemicals. While we heartily desire to see all the beauty out there, it can seem like our way to get there is destroying that beauty well in advance. I've found this to be my biggest challenge in traveling, and I've long sought ways in which I could reverse this, even for a fraction.


What I've learned is that each country that I visit is in some dire need. Whether the jungles are being decimated in South America, or towns are being swept up by tsunamis or earthquakes in Asia, there is a need that needs to be fulfilled. As a privileged traveler able to be of service, I found this to be the gateway to giving back. Below is a list of resources, divided by country and state, where I believe service, awareness, and support would be of most importance. I make it a priority to donate to each place I visit every time that I come home, so as to minimize my carbon footprint as much as I can.

Cartagena, Colombia

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Alberta, Canada

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Money donations directly to any of the local churches; the money goes back into maintaining the architecture and the religious culture of Old Town